The Creative Studio was founded in 2014 by SB Projects and BBH.  SB Projects' Scooter Braun describes the company as “a next-generation content studio that brings ideas to life with best-in-class execution.”

The partnership is the result of the advertising business facing the same technological disruption the music industry went through, and trying to come up with creative solutions to the problem of content monetization.  

Scooter Braun and Pelle Sjoenell, Global Chief Creative Officer of BBH, felt that their affinity for one another — and the two companies’ synergy — spawned by the agency’s work on Justin Bieber’s best-selling Girlfriend and The Key fragrance lines, made the partnership a good fit.

"I've built my career and company through recognizing talent and sharing that talent with the world.  Having worked with BBH on numerous successful projects, I realized they are some of the most talented creatives and strategists I've ever met," said  Braun. "We are excited to be partnering with BBH in a more meaningful way via the Creative Studio to create and tell stories together, be it for our clients, our partners, or original IP that we are passionate about.  With this partnership we can be as creative as we want to be and hopefully affect culture. Not a bad reason to wake up and go to work in the morning."

The Creative Studio is based in Los Angeles, CA, but collaborates with BBH creative talent across all seven offices.



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